Sunday, October 15, 2006


Well we are good at keeping secrets but the word is out nationally about our services, our cenote secrets and the fact that Dave actually does dive.

On October 10, 2006 in the Canadian National newspaper, The Globe and Mail www.globeand, Cenote Dive Center and its staff were highlighted in an article called 'Subterrean Scuba'. For those who do not know the Globe, as us Canucks like to call it, it is comparible to the New York Times for those Americans, the London Times for the Brits and for any other European Countries, I dont think i can tell you a comparison....we are generally on a media blackout most of the time so we are not well versed in European newspapers.

Darryl Leniuk, is a Canadian reporter that contacted us in January 2006 and requested that we work with him to do an article on the Cenotes. By March 2006, Darryl arrived and spent a week with the employees of Cenote Dive Center. Under Dave's direction, Darryl joined our divers in the discovery of the underworld located here in Tulum. Like all divers, Darryl was taken with awe and continued to see more and more of what we call our home.

The article is on line at and is in the Travel section on October 10, 2006. Once we receive a hard copy and we know that could takes months here in Mexico, we will scan in the true copy with photos and let everyone see. Dave was our model and I think had a great time doing the photo shoot with Darryl....

We wish to thank Darryl for his efforts and Dave would like to thank all the employees for taking care of Darryl while he stayed here in Tulum. Though we try to keep our work a secret, or at least just a special thing for our visitors, the word is out. Cenotes rock and so do the employees at Cenote Dive Center.