Saturday, May 27, 2006


So I don't think we have discussed one of our specialties here at Cenote Dive Center. With the addition of Jorge and Rosso, we are delivering to non-divers (they are people too) trips to the Cenotes through snorkelling.

These trips run each day at 8 45 am and are longer than most other trips offered by other tour groups. Not to mention the fesh pastries, coffee in the morning and stellar, I mean stellar guides who love showing people the wonders of the area.

When deciding to make these excursions, the guys had some specific requests when we were in the planning process. One, they wanted to make sure that they were the first people at the cenotes, which are either Dos Ojos, Gran, or Casa, and wanted a longer trip so that they could show all the treasures they know. Also, snacks were a must and they give you a good work out and they did not want people to starve. And thirdly they wanted great snorkel masks so that people could enjoy their trip. All of their wishes were granted and they have put together a wonderful expereince for all visitors.

The tours are about 3.5 hours. If you are nice to them, they may stay a bit longer and make a great excuse as to whey they are back late...this seems to happen quite often so we think that they are easily swayed. Each person will get snorkeling equipment, coffee when you arrive in the dive center, the car ride tot he cenotes of choice that day, your knowledgable guide, fresh pastries and entrance fees paid. Now how is that for an ALL INCLUSIVE TRIP!

It is best to come to see us, or email us at, at least a day in advance to make a reservation. Spots are limited (another request of the guys) so we dont want you to be dissappointed.

Check it out and see what you think. No one has been disappointed yet and we doubt that anyone will....there are lots of pictures on the website so see what you are getting yourself into...most will say the best trip of your life!


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Wonderful snorkeling tour!

We enjoyed our snorkeling tour with Rosso (we thought his name was Russell, our mistake). He was an excellent guide, very friendly and helpful. We were impressed by how well he has taught himself English and enjoyed listening to him tell us about the Mayans living in the area.

Two big thumbs up for Russo!

Muchas gracias!

Jack, Cindy and Hannah
the rooky snorkelers from
Massachusetts ;-)

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I appologize for deleted comments. The blogger kept saying it was not posting my comments, but then they showed up. Sorry..

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