Saturday, February 18, 2006


Well, two lovely young women from England decided to take the plunge last week, not as open water divers but as IANTD Cavern Students with Instructor Marco...and they received their cards last night!!! Hooray for Ruth and Elli who worked very hard on thier 2 day course for cavern certification.

Ruth and Elli were not expecting, like Huw and Allison, to engage in a Cavern Course while on vacation. But the dreams of beer and sun dissipated after their first cavern tour upon their arrival in Tulum. Like many, they were hooked and wanted to learn more...

Now the cavern course can be done in single tanks, but with much discussion as to their future goals, it was decided by all to do the course in doubles so they could begin their equipment transfer from single tanks, BCDs and a single reg to the cave configuration of twins, two regs, backplate and wings....though they were forewarned about the challenge of re-learning buoyancy in this new configuration, the girls were up for it and ready....

They were stars! They struggled, yes, but they got it. And with smiles after a few days diving after the course, they realized thier accomplishment...well done!

Well, another TWO bite the dust and we have Ruth and Elli hopefully returning for thier full cave on their next vacation....go home and show the Dive Club in England your earned it!