Sunday, January 22, 2006

The Girls went shopping....


Strange title for a cave/cavern specialty dive center…really who cares if the girls went shopping…but if you listen up you will see the relevance and lesson in this metaphor…and it is brilliant!

So, lets back up a bit….Wilma came…we have not kept you up to date…customers have come and gone…we have been diving….come December things got busy and we had two British travelers show up on their bikes looking to dive in the cenotes…we delivered the goods and they fell in love with the caverns…they decided to do their cave course over Christmas and stayed with us for a while.

Now if you don’t know the cave course, it is tough…probably one of the most challenging yet rewarding courses you will ever take…As facilitators of the course, we move with our students through their successes and challenges. This is the part that we love. The metamorphosis that takes place during the 7 day course in ones attitude and ones diving is really a sight. Huw and Allison were no exception to this rule…

Both students were divemasters and under the expertise and care of Instructor Bill Philips, both started the transition from open water diver to cave diver…they found it tough but came everyday to learn one more thing from Bill. At one point, Allison become frustrated with her inability to master her trim, one of the most important skills in the course to secure yourself in this delicate environment…

So a solution had to be found….and what a solution there was…this issue was a chick thing…for those guys who don’t understand, women learn sometimes differently then men…the guys did not quite get it when we sat around and discussed Allison’s issue…the girls could only build one metaphor that would solidify our thoughts and solutions for Allison….the girls needed to go shopping….

Okay what does this mean…what are you on about….shopping is not going to build a good trim and really will not build trim for the caves….metaphor, remember metaphor…translation, chick bonding time in the caves…

So we stopped the course for two days and set Allison up with Nadia, another chick cave diver/guide/explorer, to go and play….the intent was to give Allison another girl to play with underwater in a chick sort of way…the strategy turned out to be the right answer…the girls went to Dos Ojos in the cavern zone and Nadia checked out Allison’s trim…making the signal to surface, Nadia, in her beautifully straight forward, no nonsense attitude said to Allison ‘ What’s with your frog kick’ and proceeded to show her exactly how to do it….in chick translation…result…a star was born, the girls played and Allison successfully finished the course with flying colors.

This breakthrough was great and a lesson for all of us. Cave diving is thought not necessarily to be a sport for women. Our proof is that it is…any women can achieve their cave diver status and should not be intimated to do so…yes, this has been a male dominated sport and portrayed as such but with examples like Allison or the infamous cave instructor Kate Lewis, who has certified hundreds of women and men as cave divers…we have hope to make this a non-gender sport…sometimes we just have to remember that the girls need to go shopping…or just take a day or two to get it….

With the right credentials, the right motivation and desire, no one can be stopped from becoming a cave diver…if there is a will, there is a way….young or old, male or female, Cenote Dive Center is dedicated to assist you through your cave course and find solutions to any challenges you may have along the way…Congratulations Allison and Huw on your recent accomplishment!


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Blogger Vanessa said...

Hi Nicola! Thanks a lot for everything, I'm looking forward to coming back for cave diving :o)
A big hug from Italia.
Vanessa Riva

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